Concerns of Mature Americans
Running Out of Money

It's no secret that you should plan and save for that exciting day when you retire. And with life expectancies rising, this is more important than ever. The big questions are how much to save, what strategies to implement for growth and longevity, and how to ultimately reach and maintain your financial goals for your retirement years. But what if your retirement day has already arrived and you are confident that you will be around for a long time - but you are not so confident that your retirement funds will last as long.

It's a universal fear. In a 2010 Allianz Life Insurance Company poll of 3,257 people ages 44 to 75, 61 percent said they fear running out of money during retirement – more than they fear death.
Geoff Willaims - US News Money          

So if you are worried about running out of money after you retire, take a deep breath because we can help. There are ways to proactively deal with this fear and prepare for your retirement.